Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing Volume Two

I was working on the sequel to Blood and Loss yesterday and decided to reread a few chapters of the first book. I didn't realize how much I missed the characters. I always thought getting through the first book would be the most difficult, but now I have created these people who have personalities and desires. I have to stay to true to those in the second book. Continuity is key.
I have read many series where a character has done something that I felt he/she would never do. Sometimes something is said about a character in book one that is disregarded to further the plot.
It used to annoy me. How could a writer do that? Now I know sometimes it is a mistake. You can't remember everything even about your own characters, all you can do is have as many as you can read the next book. Others will see things, very obvious things, that you missed. The kind of things where you smack your hand to your forehead and can't believe you didn't see it.
Cassandra is very important to me and I intend to be true to her. There will be many new characters in the next two books (I have already written the next two books in a rough draft) and I can't wait to for you to meet them.
Another little plot twist in the adventure of writing is how hard it is to make a character you love be flawed. How hard it is to make him do something terrible. It is necessary. People are flawed creatures and they screw up. Sometimes their actions hurt those they love. Sometimes even I want two characters to get together, but I know deep down it wouldn't work no matter how much I may want it.
I apologize for my ramblings, but I feel close to my readers. They take the time to let my world into theirs and that is a special thing to do. I appreciate that more than you can know. So anytime you have questions or comments about anything please let me know. I will answer anything you want to know. (except what the next book is about I don't want to spoil it for you ;) ).

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