Thursday, June 7, 2012


Her are some tiny teasers from Blood and Loss, I hope you enjoy.

His cool lips moved across my neck, sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine. “You are important to me too. I have come to rely on you. I haven’t done that in a long time. Now go inside before your roommate wears a hole in your floor from his pacing.”

Lucius had already made himself at home. He was lying in my bed wearing only his boxers. I only ever thought of him as scary, but right now he looked so sexy I had to close my mouth to prevent excess drool from escaping. His muscular chest begged for me to run my hands over it. I swallowed hard trying to come out of my hormone induced trance.
“My eyes are up here Goldilocks.” He pointed to the body part in question.
Oh! Just great, I got caught checking out the sexy vampire. He was arrogant enough. He certainly didn’t need me feeding his ego. “You are not staying in my bed.” Could you die from embarrassment? I think I was slipping away.

Working on another series has been good for the creative process. I enjoy going back and forth. Cassandra, the main character in Blood and Loss is such a complex character. She is strong because she allows herself to be vulnerable. She feels it all and keeps going, because as she says what is the alternative. Her struggle to always do the right thing and keep those she loves safe makes her road a hard one to walk.

Sloane is almost the polar opposite. She can take a punch like the toughest man and will use anything at her disposal to win. She owes no loyalty to anyone except herself. The thief leads a dangerous life and having feelings for someone would make her weak. Her deepest connection to anyone is to the man who has been paid to capture her. He is her weakness. She hates him, but she has never wanted a man more in her whole life. They are each others chink in the armor. Sometimes the death of the other seems like the only solution.

Part one of my Sloane series is almost finished. I am editing it now. I am far from done part two of the Cassandra Myles series, but the first draft has been written. It just needs to be edited. The good thing about this time around is I have a lot of  volunteers for beta readers. So I hope you enjoy the tease and the update. I would love to hear from you.
happy reading

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