Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Change is as Good as a Rest

I am still working on the sequel to Blood and Loss, but sometimes my mind wanders and it wants a change of pace. So I have started a new series. It is erotica, but not your typical variety. The lead character is Sloane - " I had been Sloane for a very long time. I took the name from the first person I killed. Oh don’t worry she deserved it. She had a cool name though."
Sloane is a strong capable professional thief. She doesn't steal the family silverware and large screen TVs, but things the very rich and powerful covet, but can't buy. She deals with these rich powerful men and women, but because she is Sloane she plays by her own rules. This gets her in trouble. She  has a bounty on her head that makes her blush thinking at how high the figure is. Ian is the man who always comes closest to catching her, but they have a strong attraction to each other that Sloane uses to her advantage.
Sloane uses everything in her arsenal of tricks to get in, get out and remain alive. She is an expert in weapons, street fighting and seduction. All is fair with those she deals with and sometimes a sway of the hip or flick of the tongue is more powerful than her glock. In the first installment Russian Pawn, Sloane finds herself being hunted by the Russian mob, they have hired Ian to finally find her and bring her back to Sergei. He wants to punish her for leaving him. No one leaves Sergei. Will Sloane make it out alive and if so which weapon will she use.
Russian Pawn is due to be released on June 15th. Keep the date open.

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