Friday, June 1, 2012

The Wait is Almost Over

It is June 1st and that means the start of hotter weather and most importantly the month when True Blood starts its new season. Season 5 seems to be going to take its greatest departure from the books. I personally don't mind the show being different from the books. It still gives me a chance to be surprised by what the season has to offer.

I can't wrap my head around Christopher Meloni playing a vampire. He will play the head of the authority. He does have a very alpha male kind of prescience and that would be needed if he is to play Roman. I will reserve my judgement until I have seen him in action.
What storyline is everyone most excited to see this season? Is Tara dead or alive. The powers that be say she is alive, but if so who saves her from a gunshot to the head? Is it Lafayette and his brujo mojo? Will she become a ghost?
Then there is Eric and Bill and their killing rampage at the end of season four. I can't say I was upset to see Nan go. She was so irritating. She was like a bitchy boss or bossy mother in-law, except she could live forever and tear your head off if she didn't like you. Sorry but that Nan really got under my skin. I can only guess that the authority isn't going to be overly happy about them killing her.
Alcide is the one who finds out about Russel Edgington's rise from the "dead". Will he try to protect Sookie? Will he assume the alpha role of pack leader. Will he look for Debbie Pelt and find out it was Sookie who killed her.
Then there is that weird scene last year when Andy Bellefleur had sex with that fairy woman. What does that have to do with the tea in china. I am not a fan of story lines that take away from my favorite characters. Will he become a fairy baby daddy?
Jessica is a character I thought I would dislike and I like her more and more every season. She is funny and sexy as hell. She is finally coming into her own and enjoying being a vampire. It is nice to see someone enjoy it instead of being all broody about it. So this season she should get even better.
I know Sam is supposed to be a tortured sole, but I hope they give him a little happiness this season. His story line is not one I am dying to see. I am curious about why they have brought in Scott Foley to play Terry Bellefleur's platoon captain.
So those are my thoughts and many more that will come to me when I press publish. What are your thoughts, questions, concerns? Let me know so we can discuss.
Before I go I will leave you with a bit of trivia. Did you know that Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Cleary on True Blood is Julia Louis Dreyfus half sister. If you look closely at the old Seinfeld episodes she often plays the waitress in the diner.
Waiting does Suck,

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