Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet the Characters

Lucius is a sexy vampire. He is tall and broad. Unlike most vampires his muscles aren't long and lean, but thick and bulky. With his closely cropped hair and piercing blue eyes he looks like the drill sergeant from hell. He scares the shit out of Cassandra, until he is the one who is responsible to keep her safe and everything is about to change.

Lucius is just one character who may keep you up at night, but in a good way.

Quintus is a 2000 year old vampire. He would do anything for Cassandra. He is the one who helped her when she needed it most. He helped her rebuild her life when everything was taken and she felt she couldn't go on. He has made it his mission to give her back what was taken. Now when it seems he has finally succeeded, Cassandra is in more danger than ever.

Quintus would do anything to make Cassandra happy. If making her happy means he has to never see her again, could he except it and walk away?

Declan is Cassandra's roommate. He is the human in her life and she loves him. She would like more than just a friendship, but Declan gets around. Declan uses his job as a bartender to chase after everything in a skirt and tells Cassandra he is not ready for a relationship. If this is true why is he so jealous of the other men in her life? The answer is good. So good you won't see it coming.

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