Monday, June 18, 2012

Blood Sex Loss and Russia

“My eyes are up here Goldilocks.” He pointed to the body part in question.
Oh! Just great, I got caught checking out the sexy vampire. He was arrogant enough. He certainly didn’t need me feeding his ego.

an excerpt from Blood and Loss

“I can’t help it. It has been a long time since I shared a bed with a human and I forgot how a night of sleep can… transform you.”
“You are no piece of cake to wake up to either.” He actually looked good enough to eat, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.
“Would you like me to check your hair for creatures or anything else that may be lurking in there? It does look rather nest like” His voice was playful, but I was in no mood for being teased.
“Do you charm all the ladies with that silver tongue?”

Blood and Loss

the section below is not for a reader under 18

“Shut the fuck up.” He pinched my butt hard. I whimpered. It didn’t hurt that bad, but a girl has to get sympathy where she can. “I don’t care how good a lay you are, I am not letting down my guard.”
“What about just your pants?”
A very hard, loud slap hit my bottom. “No foreplay if you aren’t going to fuck me Ian. That is hardly playing fair.”

From the soon to be released Russian Pawn.

“I don’t like anyone getting under my skin, certainly not a thieving whore.” I should have been offended, but I knew what I was.

From the soon to be released Russian Pawn.

Please take a look at Blood and Loss on or
It is worth the read.  You will laugh, cry and have a few other naughtier emotions.

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