Monday, July 30, 2012


I am puttering along on my sequel to Blood and Loss. I am enjoying the world of Cassandra, Quintus and Lucius. My first draft is done and I am in the process of rewriting and editing. Some find this a tedious part of the writing experience. I love it. To look at a paragraph and tweak it until it is exactly the way I want it to sound and to have it evoke exactly the feeling I want it to is so satisfying.

My first draft for Blood and Loss was just under a hundred pages and when all was said and done it ended up being 256. Some writers pare down, but I build up. I write sparsely and try to get everything in my brain on the page as quickly as possible. Then I work on the detail fleshing it out so the reader can see what I see, feel what I need them to feel. I am not always successful, but I do my best and it works for me.

The sequel for Russian Pawn will be out the first of next year. The sequel will be a full length novel. Sloane and Ian will be back and still at each others throats.

So please check out the rest of my blog for samples of my first two novels and if you get the chance click on my advertisers. They pay the bills.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey You Don't Need a Kindle

Hey everyone,

Sad because you don't have a kindle but you want to read my raunchy erotic thriller Russian Pawn or my sweet sexy funny urban fantasy Blood and Loss? Well here is some good news almost anyone can read my books or any other ebook. You just have to have one of the following and lets face it if you are reading this chances are you do.

1) any computer with a Mac or Windows operating system
2) iphone ipod touch, android, windows phone7, blackberry
3) ipad or android tablet

So now don't you feel better?

ps. I have noticed a lovely influx of Japanese readers to my blog. I am very excited and flattered. I want to welcome you and invite you to buy my books. You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Russian Pawn

Today I am going to be shamelessly plugging my erotic novel Russian Pawn. If you are not 18 please go elsewhere. This is a very explicit book. If this makes you uncomfortable read no further. If you are 18 or over and like a little down and dirty then read on and enjoy.

Sloane is a sexy professional thief who has been hired by some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. She helps them complete collections they legally can't own. Precious artifacts, royal jewels and any other treasure that may be hard to obtain. Its just a game to them, but it has made her some very powerful enemies.

The most powerful of them all is her estranged husband and head of the Russian mob. Sergei isn't used to being stolen from or rejected. Sloane has done both. Will she be able to escape his clutches? Will the man he hired to capture her let her go or turn her over?
It seems bleak, but Sloane can be very persuasive and she will use any trick of the trade to get away. (pun totally intended)
If you like an erotic story that will not only turn you on, but also has characters that will entertain you as well, then Russian Pawn is for you.
It gets intense, dirty and rough and Sloane gives as good as she gets.

This story is meant only for people over the age of 18 the themes and content are very mature.

Chapter 1

The weather was humid, the kind where you need a thunder storm to clear the air. My grandmother would call it close and I always thought that was the perfect description. It was like suffocating under the touch of a hundred hot damp hands. I hated the heat, I grew up in a town hotter than hell and when I left I traveled north until I felt comfortable.
 My long curly hair was matted to my back with sweat. I would give anything to pin it up off my neck, but that wasn’t possible. I had failed, what my nephew would call an epic fail. When you break your own rules, it will always bite you in the ass.
 For a professional thief, rule number one is check and recheck every detail of your plan. Rule number two is trust no one. I had ignored both of those.  My success had made me careless and now I had no one to blame for my predicament but myself.  One of my mother’s favorite lectures crept up on me like a bible thumping ghost.
“Pride goeth before the fall Maude.” I winced at the name even being said in my head. I had been Sloane for a very long time. I took the name from the first person I killed. Oh don’t worry she deserved it. She had a cool name though and since I was looking for one I took it.
This job was supposed to be an easy get in, get out and no one get hurts. Yuri Koslov wasn’t even living here so the security would be very lax. I could grab the brooch and pocket a cool ten grand. That brings me to rule number three if something seems too good to be true it likely is.
Screaming into the empty room I yanked on the leather cuffs around my wrists.  My back was aching, my arms were numb and the chains that strung me up didn’t even allow me to plant my feet flat on the floor.  I had fallen right into the bastards trap.
Perspiration rolled down my back. I was only wearing a lavender bra and panty set and a pair of my favourite stilettoes, but a large fire roared beside me. Security had lit it before they stripped me and strung me up. They took great care to make sure my breasts and cunt weren’t packing heat. Perverts!
I was in Samara, Russia and apparently it was going through a bit of a heat wave. The fire was lit to make me uncomfortable. Mission accomplished.
Ian would be here soon, he wouldn’t leave anything to chance. He had been chasing me for a long time and I had finally given him the rope he needed to hang me. He was a bounty hunter and I had to admit one of the best in the business.  The bounty on my head was so large it made me blush and trust me, not a whole lot makes me blush. So he had made it his personal goal in life to capture me. He didn’t want to take me to the police. No, the men who offered money for my head wanted me to go away, but quietly.
I was like a twisted Robin Hood. I stole from the rich to give to the wealthy. You see some of the filthy rich are collectors. It doesn’t matter what it is, jewels, artifacts or anything else that is coveted, but illegal to own.
If they want justice they have to resort to other means. No one has been able to bring me before their employer yet. My bounty gets higher and they get more desperate. For some they want revenge, for others capturing me has become part of the game. Ian is the only one who has been able to get me in his talented clutches. In fact he has been able to apprehend me twice. Well the second time I may have let him.
He’s a sexy motherfucker and he knows how to push my buttons. The only draw-back is he takes his job a little too seriously. He just can’t resist fucking me first; so far it has given me the advantage and the time to get away. I’d rather deal with him, then the owner of the house. Yuri is a balding fat fuck who drinks too much vodka and not enough mouth wash. I thought I might have to deal with his wrinkly prick, so tonight I would be thankful for small favours.
I heard the door open behind me. A blissful puff of cool air wafted in and caressed my damp skin. A warm hand trailed down my back and cupped my ass. I was wet already. “I am tired of having to explain to my employers why I fucked up and let you go.” Ian’s smooth deep voice sent a shiver down my spine.
His hand continued to caress my bottom. “I know I had a good time” I hoped taunting him would make him angry. Ian rarely made mistakes so anything to put him off his game, I was going to use.
“Shut the fuck up.” He pinched my butt hard. I whimpered. It didn’t hurt that bad, but a girl has to get sympathy where she can. “I don’t care how good a lay you are, I am not letting down my guard.”
“What about just your pants?”
A very hard, loud slap hit my bottom. “No foreplay if you aren’t going to fuck me Ian. That’s hardly playing fair.”
He laughed and stroked where he had hit me. “Like you know anything about playing fair.”
“Maybe not, but you still want to fuck me.”
Another ten slaps rained down on my rump, each leaving a hot burning delicious pain. I arched as much as I could into his hand. “You know I can have sex with almost any woman I want. You aren’t so special.” He wasn’t just bragging, the man was handsome, but it wasn’t his looks or even his muscular build, he had an alpha male quality that oozed from every pore. Woman turned when he walked by.
A hand wound around my waist and slammed me into his erection. “Your penis seems to be disagreeing with you. You know you want me. You’ve had what, almost three months to plan what you were going to do to me when you caught me?”
“It isn’t working Sloane.”
 Oh but it was. He was already slowly stroking his cock in the crack of my sore behind as his hand slid down inside the front of my underwear. He lightly rubbed his finger up my slit, but didn’t venture inside my secret folds. It was where I needed him to go and he knew it.
“Then punish me Ian. Get me out of your system; it may be your last chance.” My voice was low and husky. The need was overwhelming. I hated the power it gave him.
Ian came around and grabbed my hair behind my head. His face was very close to mine as we looked into each other’s baby blues. I licked my lips. I wasn’t just his weakness, he was mine and I needed him out of my system just as much as he needed me out of his. Six and a half feet of hard muscles, lean body, and perfect skin topped off with a gorgeous head of black hair was very hard to resist. His big dick didn’t hurt either. Well it did a little, but in a good way.
“I want to hurt you.” His hand left my hair and wrapped around my neck. My airway was compromised, but not totally cut off. “I don’t like anyone getting under my skin, certainly not a thieving whore.” I should have been offended, but I knew what I was.
I wanted to reply, but I was saving my breath for silly things like living. Ian looked at me not with anger, but curiosity, trying to figure out what I was. I had to stay cool, but a little panic started to kick in. I was not ready to die. His grip was getting tighter.
Stars flashed in front of my eyes before he let me go. Rage flooded from every pore and the heat of his anger scorched my skin. “Sergei is coming. He will be here in less than an hour. You will not be so cocky then. He doesn’t like being betrayed.”
My voice was hoarse and compressed. “It was just a tiny brooch.” I tried to sound innocent, but he knew me better than anyone. It was a sad fact that the man who knew me best was a relative stranger, who was paid to hunt me down.
“It had belonged to Alexandra. It is worth a fortune.” Nose to nose he was so close I could taste his breathe. Mint wafted, everything about him was clean and crisp.
Keeping my mind on our conversation and not how much I wanted to kiss him I continued. “My employer tried to buy it fair and square. I can’t help it if he had to resort to other means.”
I closed my eyes as he molded his body into mine, every hard angle of his muscular torso driving waves of pleasure through my bound form. His mouth was at my ear. “I want to fuck you raw. I want to fuck you day and night until you are out of my system.” His tongue circled my ear. “I don’t have that luxury. I guess I’ll just have to quit you cold turkey and hope never seeing you again rids me of your constant presence in my head.”
Oh! I was so wet. I tried to arch up into him. His arm circled my back and his lips came down on mine. His tongue pierced my mouth. It was a violent kiss, where lips are bruised and teeth sometimes scrape. I moaned as his erection hit that perfect spot. He pushed me back and slapped my face. My tongue snaked out to lick off the blood from my split lip.
Breathing heavily, he supported himself with his hands on his knees. “Once you are gone then I can get on with my life.” He said it out loud, but he wasn’t talking to me.
I couldn’t take it anymore. “Just fuck me you bastard. Tie me to the bed. How could I get away then? Ian if Sergei comes and takes me it may be the last orgasm I have.” I was desperate now. Sergei would make me pay and if I was lucky he would kill me sooner rather than later. He was a creative bastard too. I had to get out of these chains.
His eyes widen then he laughed. “I have heard he is a dud in bed is that why you left him?”
“I left him because he is a giant ass hat and our marriage was the result of too much vodka and too little sense. The best thing that little prick ever did for me was allow me to know the layout of his home so stealing that brooch was easy.”
“Will he hurt you?” His eyes softened. It was only a second before they steeled again, but I caught it.
“Oh yes. He will be ruthless. I humiliated him, whatever he does will have to make up for that. I know I only have myself to blame, but its…well it isn’t going to be pretty.” I looked away feigning fear, although I didn’t have to ham it up too much. Before Sergei became the big boss, he was an enforcer and they called him the butcher. Getting involved with the head of the Russian mob was the most moronic thing I had ever done.
Ian shook his head, like he couldn’t believe what he was going to do. Reaching up to unhook my arms he braced himself to take my weight. Men are such sentimental idiots. They can’t resist a damsel in distress. I wanted to make my move now, but my arms were lead weights hanging off the side of my body. Ian walked me over to the bed and I had no way to stop him. We shuffled over to the giant bed in the corner of the room. He shackled my wrists to the bedposts. What kind of crazy shit was this Yuri guy into?
My legs spread open over the silky cover on the bed. He kneeled in between them and started to undress. Ian wasn’t overly buff, but he was fit and he was inhumanly strong. It had saved his life many times when his opponent underestimated him.
The look on his face changed back and forth from lust to hate. I ached to trace the scar that ran from his left nipple into his pants.  When he was naked he laid over me. He was still for a long, he was such a tease. His hard cock nestled against my side, but that is not where I wanted it.
Snapping out of his trance he shredded my bra and sucked my sensitive nipple into his mouth. His teeth bit into my tender flesh until it was painful and then his tongue lapped it away.
 “Untie me I want to touch you.”
A playful smirk lit up his face. “Did you honestly think that would work?”
“A girl can dream can’t she?”
Lips, soft and dry moved lightly up my neck until his tongue flicked around my earlobe. Hot breath scorched me as he spoke. “I can’t resist you. I have lived my life with discipline and you have taken that. You are a thief through and through.” I smiled to myself. Of all the things I had taken, that felt like my favorite.
I was ready and I didn’t need any more foreplay. “Just fuck me Ian we don’t have much time.” I didn’t like the desperation in my voice.
“If you insist.” He ripped my panties and plunged into me with one thrust. He was a monster and I loved every inch. Pounding me hard, his thrusts pushed me up the bed until I hit the oak headboard. He knew my body and everything he did was just right. I must be truly twisted that the only man who can play my body so effortlessly, is one I hardly even know.
Then we flipped over and I was sitting on top of him. It was awkward at first. I still had my hands chained to the bed, but there was enough slack to make it work. I started slow. Rocking back and forth, I could tell he wanted me to speed up, but his needs didn’t interest me right now. His hands went to my hips and it became a fight for tempo. I struggled to slow down and he tried to force me to speed up.
Another bout of vertigo and I was bent over with my rump in the air and upper half support by the plethora of pillows. He was pounding me again. I had to use every bit of strength to stay upright. “Get out of my head bitch. I can’t have you in there anymore.”
I was coming and I wanted more. “Play with my clit, I want to come again.”
“Controlling bitch.” He did it though. His last stroke he held himself there as he came inside me. Then we collapsed on the bed laying side by side, each of us gulping in air like we had run a marathon. He kissed my back and neck, so tender after what had just happened. “Sloane?”
Always at the end he whispers my name. Like he can’t believe he did it again and he is just checking to make sure it’s me. I felt sorry for the asshole. He hated me, yet he couldn’t stay away. Sergei would help him get over that. If I was lucky it would be with a bullet to my head, if I wasn’t it would be something much uglier.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Blood, Loss and Self Promotion

I recently did a free promo, giving away 1200 books. It feels weird that I have that many people potentially reading my work. I had such a hard time for so long to let anyone read it and now it is out there for all to see. I have received positive reviews and that has really boosted my sales. I didn't know how important a review could be until one reviewer from the UK read my book and raved about it. She has her own blog and reviews  books all the time. This has bumped up my says immensely. I had never sold more than a couple books in the UK before and now I am almost selling as many there as I am in the states.
It has taught be that when I like or love a book I should share it by writing even a small quick review. Pay it forward as they say. That author has worked hard to entertain me and now I want to repay in kind. Especially for indie authors who have to do all their promoting themselves. So in that vein I am going to do a little self promoting of my own.

If you lost everything that made you who you are could you recover?

Would you be stronger than before or would you crumble under the mountain of grief?

When Cassandra Myles is faced with this question her answer is to do what ever it takes to move on. She rebuilds her life and finds happiness once again. She doesn't do it alone, she has two very special men in her life, who have been there for her while she has recovered.
One is her boss. His name is Quintus and he is a very old and very powerful vampire. He took her under his wing when she needed someone and now she would do anything to repay that debt.
The other is her roommate Declan. He is caring, charming, gorgeous and in her eyes perfect in every way except one. Cassandra feels they are meant for each other and Declan feels he is meant for every woman who walks in his bar.
Life might not be perfect, but it was filled with possibilities and she was going to meet them with strength, courage and when all else fails a huge dose of sarcasm.
Then Quintus comes to her and tells her what was once lost can now be restored. A painful part of her past can be undone. Will this make her life complete or should some things remain buried.

This novel contains several erotic scenes that may cause an increased heart rate and other more pleasant side effects. This novel is not meant for a younger reader.

If I wasn’t his best friend I might have called him a slut. He uses his job as a bartender to pick up anything that walks in his bar without an Adams apple. He has never once brought any of these skanks to our home, but he does stay out all night several times each week.  That is why I don’t understand his angry dad routine when I have a platonic dinner with my boss. He was clearly not interested in me. I had made it as clear as I could and still keep a little pride that I was available and he never made one move on me.
Sometimes I just get the cold shoulder and sometimes he loses his mind. If he wasn’t such a sweet guy in every other way I don’t think I would put up with it. I swung the front door open bracing myself for a conversation I had a thousand times already.
“Sorry I’m late Dad. I tried to make curfew.” Maybe if I kept it light so would he.
His moss green eyes narrowed to slits, radiating anger from every pore. “You know for someone who has been through what you have, you’re still pretty na├»ve when it comes to vampires.”
I wish I had the strength to knock that smug look off his face. My hands formed into fists anyway. “Seriously Declan I am not in the mood for this. You’re like a broken record.”
“I can’t believe you’d trust him enough to let him kiss your neck.”
My eyes widened and I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but if Quintus really wanted my blood he could have had it six ways from Sunday by now. I was alone with him all the time. “That is none of your business.”
I brushed by him to go to my room, but he grabbed my arm. I tried to pull away and it only made him tighten his grip. “You let that corpse kiss your neck and I saw the look on your face. You were aroused.”
 “That is the line Declan and you have so crossed it.”
“Are you fucking him?”
“What do you care?”
He pulled me closer. His breathe tickling my ear as he spoke. “I care Sweets. You know I do. He isn’t good enough for you.”
“You are overreacting. I haven’t had sex with him. Quintus has been nothing but good to me. I am tired of this. You have to stop doing this Declan.”
  “I just hate to see his hands on you. It is very inappropriate for a boss to be all over one of his employees.”
“What do you care Declan you fuck anything that walks in your bar and I hug Quintus good bye and you freak out. Hell you told me once you did your manager on a pallet of beer. So don’t pull that one.”
“Those girls don’t mean anything to me. They are just a means to an end.”
“Wow that is romantic. What a catch you are.”
I couldn’t tell if he looked hurt or ashamed. I hoped it was both. “Don’t be mad, I just want what is best for you.” I was mad at him, but I knew he meant what he said.
“I was hugging Quintus because he has a meeting with Illi. He is pretty sure she is going to lift the geis. So if you want what is best for me then that includes Quintus. He may have finally found a way to get my magic back.” He dropped his eyes to the floor and let go of my arm. I went to my room and gave my door a very satisfying slam. 

I hope you enjoyed this sample and decide to buy. My next Post will be about my other book Russian Pawn so stay tuned.

Monday, July 23, 2012

When the Smut Hits the Fan

I have recently published my first erotic novel. I read erotica always have. I enjoy it and am not afraid for people to know this about me...accept... Well truth be told when it came out I never told my parents or any other older close relative. Why? When I write I don't necessarily only write about my own fantasies, but they are in there, so do I want my mom and dad reading these things ah no. I certainly don't want to know that they have.
My mother checked out my book Russian Pawn. She called it dirty. I told her well don't read it. No actually please please don't read it. My great Aunt wanted to download my books. I had to ask her daughter to convince her that Blood and Loss was an awesome read, but my other book was not for her.
Does this make me repressed, ashamed of who I am or a hypocrite? No I don't think so. I believe a  woman has a right to enjoy erotica, porn, etc in whatever way they choose as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Woman (and men but lets face it in my experience men can have sex with the house on fire as long as he knows he has another 5 minutes before the roof caves in) especially those of us with kids and jobs be they stay at home or any other kind have a burden of worries, to-dos, responsibilities etc that weigh us down and sometimes sex is the last thing on the list. Reading can be a way to take our minds off it and maybe slip into someone else shoes for a while.
So if those shoes happen to be five inch stilettos and the story line happens to be -insert sexual fantasy here- then when she lays down her book she will likely be in the mood to lay down with her man. If she doesn't have one, maybe she can at least please herself and get in a little stress relief.
Clearly 50 shades of grey hit a nerve. There are so many good erotica books out there. The range is endless. It doesn't have to be of the soccer mom variety a la 50SOG either. It can be hard core BDSM, whether she wants be be the S or the M. It can be a romance with the guy from the other side of the tracks. It can be as in my book a woman who is strong, kick-ass adrenaline junkie who enjoys sex in all flavours, but vanilla and uses that to her advantage. The important thing is that when you read it you feel turned on.
Then buy a bunch of them. In whatever form you prefer. Read them in the tub, at bedtime etc then when you feel that tingle down below call your man in the room and tell him how to satisfy it, or don't maybe you want to do it yourself either way you will be in a much better frame of mind. Oh and don't worry about the kids, that's why they have bedtimes and locks on the bathroom door.
So ladies (and gentlemen) go buy my book or whatever other smut that helps you reach the finish line sit back and enjoy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've Been A Bad Bad Girl

I must apologize for not updating my blog for such a long time. Time gets away and then you can't believe its been three weeks. One of the reasons for such a long hiatus is the farm. We grow organic veggies and fruit and it is our busy season. I have been slaving away as much as possible outside. We have been weeding, picking and planting. I will try not to let my outside job interfere with my inside job again.

I have been busy writing too. I am on my second draft for the second book in my Cassandra Myles series. It is coming along and I am confidant that it should be ready by the end of October. I want it out for Christmas.

I had a two day free promo for both of y books and it was a great success. I gave away 1280 books and have since increased sales and have received some awesome reviews. It has been such a positive fun experience, that I will definitely do it again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Russian Pawn

Russian Pawn is now available for only 99 cents. It is an introductory offer only and will only be available at this price for a short time. So get it while its hot. (well my book will always be hot). It involves very adult content so please only buy if you are over 18 years old.
I am already outlining the next in the series so if you enjoy Sloane and Ian, they will be back in the next book.

Blood and Loss is doing well and it is priced at 2.99 for the summer. It will make sitting in the sun an even hotter experience. I am currently editing and reworking book two and hoped to be done by November so I can have it ready for Christmas.

This weekend was the first time since I published Blood and Loss that I took time off from promoting. It was a nice getaway, but now it feels like I am very far behind. We go to my parents cottage on the weekends in the summer and there is no internet access. While not great for my profile on twitter, it was great for writing. You can't be distracted by checking email, facebook etc. So I think when it is crunch time this fall and I really need to finish up my sequel to Blood and Loss, heading down to the cottage might be the thing I need. We don't even have a TV. Sitting on the porch swing writing on my laptop while taking time to enjoy the view of the lake makes me think I am a pretty lucky writer.