Monday, July 30, 2012


I am puttering along on my sequel to Blood and Loss. I am enjoying the world of Cassandra, Quintus and Lucius. My first draft is done and I am in the process of rewriting and editing. Some find this a tedious part of the writing experience. I love it. To look at a paragraph and tweak it until it is exactly the way I want it to sound and to have it evoke exactly the feeling I want it to is so satisfying.

My first draft for Blood and Loss was just under a hundred pages and when all was said and done it ended up being 256. Some writers pare down, but I build up. I write sparsely and try to get everything in my brain on the page as quickly as possible. Then I work on the detail fleshing it out so the reader can see what I see, feel what I need them to feel. I am not always successful, but I do my best and it works for me.

The sequel for Russian Pawn will be out the first of next year. The sequel will be a full length novel. Sloane and Ian will be back and still at each others throats.

So please check out the rest of my blog for samples of my first two novels and if you get the chance click on my advertisers. They pay the bills.

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