Friday, June 8, 2012

Quotes from my Book

Hello all those lovers of the sensual and the fanged. It has finally arrived. It is the weekend we finally get to see True Blood season 5. I can not wait. I have read Charlaine Harris' latest to get me in the mood. We shall see where Mr. Bell et al takes us this year. One place we know we get to revisit is a Bontemp that has Russel Edgington in it. He really was too good a character to just leave under the ground. Speaking of that, I am hoping they explain the whole Godric speaking to Eric from  the great beyond.
I will be giving my opinion about the episode on Monday so if you want to discuss it please join me and leave your comments. Can't wait to see what everyone thinks.
I haven't worked much more on my novels. Yesterday I was working in the garden and I have a ton to catch up on. So today I will leave you with a few snippits from Blood and Loss and Russian Pawn. Hope you enjoy them. Russian Pawn comes out the 15th and Blood and Loss is available now. I hope you give them both  a read.

“Since when do you take orders from Quintus and you didn’t have to have him in your bed.”
“Technically I take orders from him all the time, he is my boss.”
“So he told you to have Mr. Muscles sleep in your bed?”
“What do you care who is in my bed, it isn’t like you’ve ever shown any interest in being there.” Wow, my amazing ability to make an awkward situation even more uncomfortable never fails to shine.
from Blood and Loss I hope you enjoyed it.

please don't read the quote below if you are either under 18 or you have a sensitivity to harsh language and spicy dialogue.

“Shut the fuck up.” He pinched my butt hard. I whimpered. It didn’t hurt that bad, but a girl has to get sympathy where she can. “I don’t care how good a lay you are, I am not letting down my guard.”
“What about just your pants?”
He gave me a very hard slap to my bottom. “No foreplay if you aren’t going to fuck me.”

from Russian Pawn. I hope you check it out when it is available.

happy reading,

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