Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why We Can't Resist Him - The Sexy Vampire

Vampires need to be sensual, mature and beautiful. They have to have power and the need to protect a chosen few. Those that are of the male variety need to be masculine, strong and know who and what they want. Their very touch can bring pleasure.

You know he is bad for you, but you can't help yourself. He draws you in. Somewhere in your mind you know you should run, but then you are in his arms and his cool lips are on your neck. They hover right over your pulse. His tongue darts out and tickles your skin. Oh God he needs to just do it. You want to feel his fangs as they pierce your skin. You want to feel your life essence leave your body, knowing how much pleasure you are giving him. He is not selfish. His very bite can bring you over. He teases you, his razor sharp fangs graze your skin. You arch your neck to encourage him to continue. You can't wait any longer, he knows this. He plunges into your skin, his name escapes your lips as pleasure surges through every cell.
His pull is hard. You feel your very life rush into his mouth. You feel that perfect ache down below. It builds until you feel you will burst. Someone is screaming and somewhere in your brain you realize it is you. He knows you are close. So he pulls harder. Ecstasy floods your body. He smiles against your neck. He loves it when you don't hold back. When you give into what he has to offer.  You float above everything on a raft of pure sensation.
When you come back down he is licking the wound. It is over and you are already thinking of the next time. He murmurs he loves you over and over. You don't believe he is capable of it. It doesn't matter. His touch is what you crave. He craves you too. That is better than love. It means he can't resist you. It means he will always come back.

Just a sexy little vignette for your pleasure. If you enjoyed it please check my books available at amazon.



stay tuned for my werewolf vignette.


  1. Vampires are very sensuels and beautiful...female vampire are more sensuel than male ...but most stories are about males vampires...you are great Electa dealing with such lovely topic xx

    1. Thank-you...stay tuned. I deal with the werewolf in my next post.

  2. i will ...best writter are always like the sun when she shines all planet are down xx

  3. I'm not a follower of Vampire novels, but I know people love them. Your blog brought to mind a blog I did sometime back about "the Bad Boy syndrome" and why we women are so stuck on them! A vampire love interest would be the ultimate drama!