Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Sexy Werewolf - Why Woman Can't Resist Him

The sexy werewolf is all alpha male. He drips power and strength wherever he goes. He knows what he wants and he will do anything to protect and keep it. The only problem is sometimes that very thing he wants to own is you. The feminist in you bristles at being someone's property, but somewhere deep down you have a secret. A small part of you likes that he would do anything to have you. He would die to save you and that is hard to resist.

You try to convey calm in the face of his anger. He is pacing back and forth in front of you. His beast is getting harder and harder to contain. "You were with him when I told you not to." His voice was little more than a growl.
"You don't own me. I can see who I want." you hate that your voice is shaking. You hate that you said it to convince yourself as well as him.
He stops in front of you. You fight to meet his glare. "You are mine. You see no one else. I can smell him all over you." His eyes have a hint of amber in them, a hint of animal.
"You have no right." You can't think of anything else to say.
He pulls you up and into his arms. You make a weak attempt at getting away, but you both know you don't want to. You rest your hands on his strong broad chest. He is so warm the urge sink to into his embrace is almost overwhelming. It would be so easy to let him take control.
His lips gently touch the top of your head as his hands slowly caress your back. "I will kill him if he touches you again." His voice was calm now, but you know he means it.
"He was a gentlemen I swear. We only talked." You feel ashamed that you are reduced to justifications and not ire.
His long finger pushes up your head by the chin. "You are mine, to love, to protect, to cherish." He lifts you up like you are made of air. He carries you to the bedroom. "You are also mine to fuck."
You want to protest, but the voice that was telling you this is wrong is getting smaller and smaller. He slowly unbuttons his shirt, revealing his smooth hard upper half. Your fingers itch to touch him. Then your eyes drift lower. You lick your lips waiting for him to continue to disrobe.
"Please" You don't know if you said it to stop him or hurry him along.
His naked body crawls over you until his mouth  comes down on yours. You expect it to be rough and violent, but his lips barely brush yours. He takes a deep breathe and nibbles on your lower lip until he sends his tongue into your mouth.
You give in and start to respond. "You are mine." He kisses his way down your neck undoing buttons as he goes. His strong hands, always impatient, tear open your bra. Your already erect nipple is in his mouth. "It makes me look weak when you are seen with him. Is that what you want?"
What you want is for him to stop talking and get on with it. "I..." He captures your tender bud with his teeth and it makes you moan. "I am sorry."
You hate that you gave in so easily, but it is hard to think with his hands in your pants. He knows where to touch you and how you will respond.
"You are beautiful. You drive me crazy and when I think of you with someone else I feel like I will lose my mind." You hide a tiny smile, now you know you have power too.
He strips the rest of you. You are now under him naked and vulnerable, but you know he will never  harm you, his touches are not always gentle, but they always bring you bliss. He drives into you. There is no tenderness. He is claiming you. You are his. He nips at  your neck and growls in between grunts. The pleasure he is sending through your body is blocking out all your other senses. It builds and builds. You feel yourself on the top about to fall, you want to fall. The perfect little ache in your core becomes unbearable and at last you can hear again. You hear your own screams as you come.
When the after shocks are over and the world drops down around you once more, you hold your wolf very tight. You whisper in his ear. "You are mine."

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  1. i can call this passage as the rough,violent male in front of a weak femamale becomes gentle...yours